How To Save Space In An Apartment?

From Floor To Ceiling

It is important to know how to take advantage of all the available space in a small house or apartment. Generally, what is above our heads is wasted. Placing shelves, air bases, or cabinets on top gives us a lot of storage space; just make sure you make the right choice depending on the space where you will place it, the decorative line of the selected room, and the weight it will finally have to support.

Even under the stairs, you can get storage space. If you install kitchen drawers in that space, you can place rarely used objects.

You can also gain a few centimeters by placing sliding doors or curtains since you will save the opening space of a conventional door. These are not only useful, but they can also add an interesting element to the decoration because they serve to separate or integrate environments.

Tricks To Trick The Eye

Avoid dark colors. The lighter your walls are, the wider your rooms will look. We suggest white, instead of beige or gray that can be boring or in bad taste if they do not complement each other properly. If you are a color lover, you can play with ornaments, pictures, lamps or furniture, since it is a basic color that allows many combinations.

Also, if you make your curtains go from the ceiling to the floor, it will feel that the room is much higher.

The so-called open concept so widely used in today’s interior design is perfect for a small house. When the environments communicate with each other, you not only create a space that is perceived as larger, but also all the elements play a role in it that allows you to see them as a whole, avoiding excesses or extra things. You do not necessarily have to demolish all the walls between the dining room, the living room, and the kitchen; you can remove only half of a wall and place decorations or a wooden or quartz base to turn it into a counter. Everything will depend on the layout of your home.

Another trick to “enlarge” your spaces is to place mirrors. They don’t have to take up the entire wall; in fact, that may seem dated or ordinary, but if you put them in a good spot, it will make it feel spacious and elegant.

Multifunctional Objects

The best we can recommend is to choose furniture that can have more than one function, for example, a sofa bed to accommodate visitors for a couple of nights, bunk beds in the guest room, or loft beds with lower drawers to store towels or bed sheets.

Custom-made furniture is the ideal option for this type of house, but it can be expensive. However, something that will not put your budget in red is building a custom-made cabinet drawer on the back of a kitchen wall; this kind of trunk with a padded lid or cushions has a double function; you can sit down and inside you can store whatever you want.

External Storage

Remember that an orderly house will look bigger, hence the importance of keeping in the small place you live only what you use. The rest, whether it is just a few boxes or if it is the dining room for eight people, the whirlpool tub, the wine cellar, and the Louis XV bed that you inherited from your parents, you can keep in a rented warehouse.

This external warehouse will allow you to store comfortably and practically the real estate that you can use in the big house of your dreams.